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About Us

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Voice of Brussels is a source of information and opinion empowered by the European Cooperation and Partnership Network (ECOPNET) asbl based in Brussels.


Our mission statement is to provide expats, foreigners and internationally oriented Belgians & Europeans with continuous high quality coverage of information in English from Belgium and the European Union. We also aim to publish articles on various topics thanks to our contributors. 


We are fully committed to independence and professional integrity. We consider credibility, integrity and trust as its most valuable assets. We continuously try to represent a balanced variety of views although it may not be possible to represent all opinions. We embrace, support and promote the EU values at all times. 


Voice of Brussels is a not-for-profit initiative created by ECOPNET in accordance with the Article 4 and 5 of its statute. Therefore, any contribution made to this initiative is used in conformity with our non-profit aims. 


We publish magazines, newsletters and some other printed materials from time to time and distribute in the EU institutions, embassies, representations to the EU, EU delegations in selected countries and in many other locations. 

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