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200 items of medicine cannot be found in Belgium

Belgium has a problem with the supply of 200 items of medicine, from antibiotics to cold medicines, from corticosteroids to some syrups for painkillers and fever reducers for children.

In the news in the Belgian press, it was stated that some drugs could not be found in many pharmacies across the country. It was stated that the source of the problem in the supply of drugs is the increasing demand, the problems in production in China, the production problems caused by the inflation and the increase in energy costs.

It was noted that some of the items that could not be found included some antibiotics, cold medicines, corticosteroids, some sprays, some painkillers and antipyretic syrups for children. It has been reported that Belgian pharmacists sometimes recommend generic drugs to patients instead of drugs that cannot be found, or prepare the drugs themselves. It was stated that the drug shortage in Belgium, which has been going on for several months, emerged due to the increase in demand, especially with the increase in the flu epidemic.

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