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2021 was another difficult year for cinemas in Belgium: 63% fewer spectators

In 2021, our country had 75 establishments that run a cinema theatre as their main activity.

There were 7,453,797 spectators. This is a 35% increase compared to 2020 (5,538,934 spectators). However, compared to 2019 (19,877,878 spectators), this remains a sharp decline of 63%.

The gross revenue excluding VAT also rose to 64.9 million euros, an increase of 44% compared to 2020 (45.0 million euros) but also still a sharp decrease compared to 2019 (160.2 million euros).

The Flemish Region accounted for 46% of spectators, the Brussels Region for 17% of spectators and finally Wallonia for 37% of spectators.


Photo: Wix

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