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28.6% of Belgian children from single-parent families are materially deprived

12.8% of Belgian children are materially deprived. For example, they do not have any solid shoes, age-specific toys, they do not get sufficient healthy food or they cannot go on holidays. This is what Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, reports based on the child-specific material deprivation indicator from the 2021 SILC survey on income and living conditions.

Deprived child
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The situation is the most precarious for children living in a renter household (33.6%) or with only one parent present (28.6%). For children with low-skilled parents (36.4%) and those with at least one parent not born in the EU (32.9%), material deprivation also poses a greater risk. Regional differences are also very pronounced: material deprivation concerns 21% of children in Brussels, 17.3% in Wallonia and 8.5% in Flanders.

The main difficulties are going on holiday one week a year, buying new clothes and participating in leisure activities on a regular basis, which is financially unfeasible for 17.5%, 8.9% and 5.6% of Belgian children respectively.

Source: Statbel

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