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5-year-old Nail in Belgium was found dead in the river

The lifeless body of five-year-old Nail Bayram was found in the La Meuse river in Visé, Belgium, on the Dutch border.

There is still no news from the mother Fatma Bayram (38) who left the house last Thursday evening, taking her son Nail with her after arguing with her husband. After the argument, her husband left the house and did not return, and her husband of 15 years began to search for his wife and son by his own means. The father, who found Fatma Bayram's car by the river, with the doors unlocked and the key left on it, informed the police. The police, who started an extensive search upon the notice, reached Nail's body in the morning hours of the next day. According to the first determinations, no traces of impact were found on Nail's body.

Photo: Unsplash

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