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"Absurdity takes to a new level": Russia takes over the Presidency of the UN Security Council

Ukraine reacted to the transfer of the chair of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to Russia.

From Saturday, the presidency of the 15-member council will pass to Russia for a month. The rotation of the presidency, which changes monthly, remained unchanged despite the war.

Russia last held the presidency of the UNSC in February 2022, when it launched an attempt to invade Ukraine.

According to the definition of the UNSC Presidency, the task of Russia, which is currently occupying Ukraine, will be to "maintain international security and peace".

Ukraine, reacting to the fact that the rotation did not change, said, "On April 1, the absurd is taken to a new level."

Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the UN stated that Kiev will not engage with the UNSC for a month.

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