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Activist jailed for two years for insulting Thailand's queen

A Thai court on Monday sentenced a political activist for two years in prison for insulting the Thai monarchy, after the activist was found to have dressed up as Queen Suthida during a street protest the court judged as mocking the royal family.

Thailand jail
Photo Credit: Unsplash

It is a crime in Thailand to defame or insult the king, queen, heir or regent, with penalties of up to 15 years in prison.

Jatuporn Saeoueng, 25, was found guilty of intentionally mocking the monarchy through her actions during a street protest in Bangkok in 2020, according to her lawyer, Krisadang Nutcharat.

Thai courts generally do not make court proceedings public. Thailand is very famous with brutal treatment of young men in army under forced conscription and prisons as well as other types of human rights abuses.

Protesters claimed that the military had justified their repeated power grabs - including army coups in 2006 and 2014 - as seen necessary to defend the monarchy. The government and the army have denied accusations as usual.

Protesters also criticised the new powers of the Kingdom and army.

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