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Alcohol and drug controls will be increased in traffic this weekend in Belgium

Belgian police will conduct alcohol and drug inspections across the country this weekend to make drivers more sensitive.

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Federal highway police and local police are launching a nationwide "alcohol and drug-free driving" campaign for the sixteenth time. As part of the campaign, strict traffic controls will be carried out all weekend.

The campaign, which started on Friday evening, will continue until 06:00 on Monday morning.

The campaign is being carried out to make drivers more sensitive to alcohol and drug use rather than penalizing drivers.

In the campaign held this January, 1.62% of the approximately 48 thousand drivers checked were found to be drunk driving.

In a statement to the press, the spokesperson of the Federal Police stated that according to the data obtained from the Vias traffic institute, it was seen that the accident occurred due to drunk driving in traffic accidents where 4,000 injuries occur every year.

Additional checks at the weekend are expected to encourage drivers who have consumed alcohol or drugs to use alternatives such as public transport or taxis more.

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