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Anti-immigrant action in Dublin: "There is no room left in the country"

In Ireland, a group of anti-immigrants brought the movement they started on social media to the streets with the slogan "Ireland is Full".

According to the news in The Guardian, the anti-immigrant movement in Ireland, which was known for its openness to visitors and where the slogan "welcome to hundreds of thousands" was used, started to take action with the slogan "Ireland is Full".

British anti-immigrant far-right politician Nigel Farage also supported the anti-immigrants who took to the streets in Ireland. "Unlike the British, who make very few comments, the Irish speak and protest in the streets over the overpopulation of 'young, male refugees,'" Farage wrote on Twitter.

Anti-immigrants who took to the streets of Dublin, the capital of Ireland, argued that there was no room for more people in the country.

The presence of Ukrainians and refugees fleeing the war launched by Russia over the housing and homelessness crisis in Dublin caused controversy.

While it is known that there are 73,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland this year, this number was 7,500 a year ago. Hotels, emergency shelters and other designated facilities are already full, it said.

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