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Anti-monarchy protest held in England: 'Having a King is too old-fashioned'

In England, anti-monarchists protested against the Royal Family on Commonwealth Day.

The demonstrators, who gathered in front of the church where the King of England Charles III will attend on the occasion of the "Commonwealth Day" at Westminster Abbey Church in the capital, London, protested to demand the abolition of the monarchy.

Participants in the demonstration organized by the anti-monarchy campaign group "Republic" held banners reading "Royal Family is racist", "End the Royals", "Expel the Royal Family" and chanted "Not My King".

"The monarchy harms the country's brand"

"We must be represented as a modern, free and fair democracy where we are all citizens and no one is above the law," said Graham Smith, chairman of the "Republic" group, who attended the protest.

Ben Clinton, Campaign Coordinator of the group participating in the protest, stated that the reason he was against the monarchy was related to the principle of "equality" and said, "In a basic democracy, we must have the ability to choose our president ourselves."

Noting that they will also protest the coronation ceremony of King Charles III of England, which will be held on May 6, Clinton stated that the large amount of expenditure for this ceremony should be used to combat the high cost of living in the country.

Emphasizing that the monarchy actually harmed the brand of the country, Smith said the monarchy made England seem "historically in the past".

"We must make a choice instead of the coronation on May 6, and we must make a choice over Charles," Smith said.

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