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"Anti-terrorism bill" approved in Swedish parliament

In a vote in the Swedish parliament, the constitutional amendment tightening the anti-terrorism laws was approved.

Following Turkey's request from Sweden to take stricter counter-terrorism measures for NATO membership, the Swedish parliament approved the constitutional amendment that tightens anti-terrorism laws.

In the voting held in Sweden's 349-seat parliament, 278 deputies voted "yes", while 25 deputies voted "no". 46 deputies did not participate in the voting. The Left Party and the Green Party opposed the constitutional amendment.

The constitutional amendment makes it possible to limit the freedom of association in the case of groups involved or support terrorism and to introduce new laws against it.

According to the parliament's standing committee on constitutional affairs, which recommended that lawmakers approve the proposal, the amendment would allow "the wider criminalization of participation in a terrorist organization or the prohibition of a terrorist organization".

Experts, on the other hand, stated that the constitutional amendment would facilitate the prosecution of members of the terrorist organization PKK/YPG.

Photo: Unsplash

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