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Armenia announces that it has reached an agreement with Azerbaijan on railways

The Armenian government announced that at the 12th Azerbaijan-Russia-Armenia Deputy Prime Ministers Meeting held in Moscow, a common understanding was reached for the re-activation of the railways between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The following issues were included in the statement regarding the meeting, where the issues regarding the reopening of the transportation lines between Azerbaijan and Armenia were discussed:

"The session proceeded in a constructive atmosphere. Significant progress was made in the coordination of methods of reopening the transport routes between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Concrete steps were taken to re-establish and regulate the railway connection, especially on the Yeraskh (Arazdeyen)-Julfa-Megri-Horadiz route. a common understanding was achieved.

The results of the negotiations will be reported to the leaders of the Republic of Armenia, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The parties agreed to continue working within the framework of the tripartite working group."

The Arazdeyen (Yeraskh)-Julfa-Mehri-Horadiz railway line, which existed during the Soviet Union, was destroyed due to the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia.

In the tripartite declaration signed by the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia after the 2nd Karabakh War, there was an article regarding the reopening of the old transportation lines.

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