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Belgian city of Liege accepts call for boycott of Israel

The city council of the city of Liege in eastern Belgium adopted a motion calling for a boycott of Israel.

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The Socialist Party and some small local parties supported the proposal submitted by the Workers Party in the municipal council of Belgium's third largest city. The central and liberal parties voted against the motion.

The resolution includes "temporary suspension of all relations with the state of Israel and its institutions until the systematic violence of the Israeli authorities against the Palestinian people is ended".

Belgian League of Palestinians described the decision as "historic"

The Belgian Palestinians Union (ABP) welcomed the adoption of the resolution, which has no practical counterpart but has symbolic significance. ABP's statement described the decision as "historic".

"We hope that the decision of the city of Liege will also inspire other municipalities in Belgium, Europe and the world not to support an apartheid regime," the statement said. it was said.

The Israeli Embassy in Brussels reacted to the municipality's decision. In a statement to the Belgian press, Idit Rosenzweig-Abu stated that the radical forces influenced the members of the Liege city council with "lies" and that the decision taken was far from the truth, and said that it would harm the economic interests of the city of Liege, the Palestinians and Israel.

It has been reported that the municipality of the city of Liege has no official relationship with Israel or with the Israeli embassy in Brussels.

It is stated that the municipality of Liege had adopted a text two years ago not to give jobs to companies connected with the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

According to the information provided by ABP, the Belgian city of Liege became the third municipality to boycott Israel, after Spain's Barcelona and Norway's Oslo.

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