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Belgian consulate in Turkey remains closed

After the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Turkey, the Consulate General of Germany, France, Belgium and England were also closed.

The Belgian Consulate General also reported that it is closed between 1-3 February.

The German Consulate General in Istanbul announced that it will be closed to the public for security reasons. It was seen that an armored police vehicle was kept waiting at the German Consulate General in Beyoğlu as a precaution.

A paper was hung at the door saying:

"The Consulate is closed today. All appointments have been cancelled and you can access current developments on our website".

In the statement made on the official website of the Dutch Consulate General, it was stated that "Due to possible protests around the Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul and the increasing threat to Western targets, the Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul has been temporarily closed to visitors as of January 30, 2023."

Photo: Unsplash

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