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"Belgian emergency medical team could take off as soon as Turkey requests it"

Interviewed this Tuesday morning on the program De Ochtend (VRT), the Belgian Minister of the Interior explained that if the B-FAST team is slow to take off after the earthquakes which occurred on Monday in Turkey and Syria it is because it has a medical team. Aid that Turkey has not yet requested. But as soon as it requests it, Belgium will be ready to send B-FAST, specified Annelies Verlinden (photo). For their part, Foreign Affairs does not yet have information on possible Belgian victims. In the meantime, solidarity actions have taken shape in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, in particular.

For the time being, Turkey mainly needs search and rescue teams. The first 72 hours after the earthquakes are indeed crucial in trying to find still living citizens under the rubble. Belgium, on the other hand, intends to send a B-FAST medical team as soon as possible.

Photo: Shutterstock

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