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Belgian intelligence prevented an attack on ex-US President Bush

Earlier this year, an attempt to attack former US President George W. Bush was blocked thanks to Belgian Intelligence Service warning.

Belgium and USA - Flag handshake symbolizing partnership and cooperation with the United States of America
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Following ISIS fighters returning from Syria, the Belgian Intelligence Service (VSSE) has reached a seven-man assassination team, four of which are former members of Iraqi intelligence who were smuggled to the United States via Turkey, Egypt and Denmark.

The attack attempt, which the US-based media outlets announced with the headline "FBI prevented the assassination of former President George W. Bush", was planned by members of the former Iraqi intelligence "Al-Raed" (thunder) unit.

Belgian Intelligence informed US security authorities of a possible "very dangerous link" last year, after lengthy follow-up.

Following Belgium's warning, an investigation was quickly launched by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In November last year, an FBI agent managed to infiltrate the attack team by falsely communicating with Shihab Ahmed Shihab.

Belgian intelligence service is happy to prevent such an attempt.

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