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Belgian prime minister proposes a reduction in the salaries of ministers

Alexander De Croo shared a note dealing with ministers' salaries of government. In a context of rising cost of living, the Prime Minister proposes to reduce the salaries of ministers and deputies by 8%.

The proposals comes in the context of the energy and climate crisis. In the midst of the budgetary conclave, the working paper was submitted to the federal government partners.

Reducing the salaries of ministers and parliamentarians by 8% is a proposal that would be applicable from 2023. The expected revenue would then amount to 456,000 euros.

The budgets for allocations to political parties could be frozen since September 2022, for an expected revenue in 2023 of nearly 2 million euros. It is also suggested to continue the efforts approved by the institutions benefiting from an endowment.

Subsequently, Alexander De Croo appealed to regional and community entities, to political parties, executives and parliaments of the country, to begin a reflection and to take similar measures. “Agreement in principle”, communicates Rudi Vervoort for the Brussels government. It also goes for the Walloon government of Elio di Rupo.

Photo Credit: Unsplash