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Belgian Princess Maria Laura got married to William Isvy in Brussels

Princess Maria-Laura of Belgium was married to William Isvy at Brussels City Hall.

The eldest daughter of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz opted for a short beige dress by Prada for the occasion. The event was held in a select committee. Among the guests who arrived from 9:45 a.m. on the Grand-Place, we can mention Princess Delphine and her husband Jim O'Hare, Prince Laurent with Princess Claire and their children, Princess Louise and Princes Nicolas and Aymeric, Princess Astrid with her family and her Italian daughter-in-law, King Albert with Queen Paola as well as King Philippe and Queen Mathilde. The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, was also present.

Belgian Princess Maria Laura marries William Isvy
Photo Credit: Facebook Page of Belgian Monarchy (may subject to further copyright)

But it was after the ceremony that the real show took place. As the bride and groom came out to greet the crowd gathered in front of City Hall, an onlooker asked if they could kiss. William Isvy then kissed the princess on the cheek in a scene immortalized by photographers on site. Warm applause followed by the participants.

The religious wedding is planned in the Saints-Michel-et-Gudule cathedral, where some 500 people have been invited.