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Belgium-based Ryanair staff threaten for a strike over holiday season

Belgium-based Ryanair staff are threatening for a strike over the holiday season if the Irish low-cost airline 'continues to flout the laws with no one doing anything', it warns on Monday by l through the ACV Puls and the CNE. The two Christian worker unions wrote an open letter to this effect to the Ministers of Employment Pierre-Yves Dermagne and Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne.

"Since it moved to Belgium, Ryanair has continued to flout the laws", denounces Hans Elsen, permanent secretary of ACV Puls. Things may have improved in 2018 after the first strikes by workers, and this without any help from the public authorities, he notes. The low-cost company continues however not to respect Belgian labor legislation "without anyone doing anything", notes, with desolation, the union official.

If the services of the social inspection and the ONSS (Belgian Social Security Organisation) try to do their job by noting infringements, the relay is not taken by the judicial authorities, castigates, for his part, Didier Lebbe, of the CNE, for whom this is "completely incomprehensible".

Ryanair strike
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