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Belgium expels 'extremist' imam

It was stated that Moroccan imam Hasan Iquioussen, who fled to Belgium after the deportation decision of France, was deported by the Brussels administration.

Belgian Minister of State for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor made a written statement after Iquioussen was deported to Morocco.

De Moor noted that it is not possible for them to allow extremists to roam the country's territory.

“Anyone who does not have the right to be here needs to be deported.” De Moor stated that they have a good cooperation with France on this issue.

Iquioussen, on the other hand, stated in his images on social media that he was welcomed by his family members at Casablanca Airport and that the Moroccan authorities welcomed him well.

Moroccan authorities have yet to comment on the deportation of Iquioussen and the charges against him.

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