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Belgium to open embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Foreign Minister Elmedin Konakovic said that Belgium will open an embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Konakovic met with his Belgian counterpart Hadja Lahbib at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in the capital Sarajevo.

After the bilateral meeting, the Ministers held a joint press conference.

Konakovic, in his statement here, stated that Belgium decided to open an embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pointing out that the decision in question will make a significant contribution to the relations between the two countries, Konakovic said, "This is very good and extraordinary news for us." said.

Pointing out that they signed a memorandum of understanding between Lahbib and the Foreign Ministries, Konakovic thanked Belgium for supporting his country on the path to European Union (EU) membership.

Underlining that the presence of the EU Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina is important for stability in the country, Konakovic said that if there is no stability in the country, there will be no investments and tourism.

"Bosnia and Herzegovina is part of the EU family"

Belgian Minister Lahbib, on the other hand, said that they are concerned about the recent separatist statements made by Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska (RS), one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Emphasizing that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a part of the EU family, Lahbib stated that their support will continue on this path.

Stating that his country's opening an embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina will further strengthen the relations between the two countries, Lahbib continued as follows:

"We want to emphasize our support for Bosnia and Herzegovina's EU integration. That's why we signed a memorandum of understanding. We believe that we are at a crossroads when talking about diversity, peoples and languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and my country Belgium. Belgium is determined to strengthen Bosnia and Herzegovina's EU perspective. We have contributed to the initiation of a constructive dialogue, which is very important for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina."

Also referring to the war in Ukraine, Lahbib said, "We have a democratic obligation to strengthen peaceful and stable institutions. I hope the situation in Ukraine will be resolved in the best way." he said.

Belgian Minister Lahbib will also be received by members of the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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