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Biden and Scholz gave a joint message of support on Ukraine

US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who came together in Washington, the capital of the United States (USA), gave joint messages on the continuation of military aid to Ukraine. Answering journalists' questions after the meeting at the White House on Friday, host leader Biden said, "We are working together to provide a high level of security support to Ukraine." Scholz said in his statement that the transatlantic partnership is "on a really good level".

During the war, which started last year with Russia's attack on its neighbor Ukraine, claims that there were occasional differences of opinion between Germany and the United States on support for Kiev have come to the fore in recent months. However, Joe Biden, praising the German Chancellor, said, "I thank you, Olaf, for your strong and continued leadership. I say this sincerely. He (Olaf Scholz) has made a big difference."

Emphasizing that Germany not only provides "military support", which is very important, but also "spiritual support" with "depth", Biden said that Olaf Scholz accelerated "historical changes" by increasing his country's defense budget and getting rid of its dependence on Russian energy. .

"Support as the war goes on and as needed"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, on the other hand, stated that "there is a very good cooperation" between the USA and his country and emphasized the importance of the fact that the two countries (the USA and Germany) have acted together since the beginning of Russia's war of aggression. "At this time, it is very important to send a message that we will continue to do so as the war continues and as needed," Scholz continued.

In the statement made by the White House after the meeting of the two leaders, it was emphasized that Scholz and Biden were determined to continue the embargoes against Russia "as much as possible".

Despite the mutually positive messages given at the White House, it is known that there are differences of opinion between the two countries regarding military aid to Ukraine. While the sending of tanks from Western countries to Kiev was discussed last January, tensions arose between Berlin and Washington. US President Biden's security adviser, Jake Sullivan, also said in a statement last Sunday that Joe Biden accepted the sending of US-made Abrams-type tanks to Ukraine, only for Germany to approve the sending of Leopard-2 type tanks. .

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