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Brussels Airport: baggage handling is back to normal

Aviapartner workers returned to work normally this Sunday at Brussels Airport. This Saturday, they went on spontaneous strike.

The loading of luggage on board planes resumed this Sunday, confirmed the socialist union BTB (FGTB-UBT) and Brussels Airport. Negotiations between unions and management will continue on Wednesday.

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Discussions on Saturday evening were unsuccessful, but the unions have pledged that baggage handlers will return to work as normal. “Baggage left in Brussels yesterday / Saturday will be sent to their respective destination,” said spokeswoman Nathalie Pierard. “Passengers who were unable to collect their suitcases on Saturday will also receive a notification as soon as they are ready“.

Baggage handlers from Aviapartner went on strike on Saturday, citing too high a workload and a problem with the points-based driving license that applies to workers at Brussels Airport. The strike caused several delays and some flights taking off without passengers' luggage.

Some 60,000 people are expected at Brussels Airport this Sunday, the second day of the Carnival holiday.

Many people, having not landed with their suitcases on Saturday, take the initiative to show up to pick them up. “We ask travelers not to come to the airport if they have not been contacted,” said Brussels Airport spokeswoman Nathalie Pierard on Sunday.

About 5,000 pieces of luggage ended up on Saturday, without an owner. To collect them, travelers must make a request to the airline, via the airport's website. On Saturday, it was also possible to do so via a paper form. The people who submitted the request will be contacted personally, most of the time by text message: "It makes no sense to come to the airport if you have not received a message", specifies the spokesperson. “In most cases, the luggage is even sent to the traveler's home“.

The airport specifies that not all suitcases can be returned to their owner this Sunday. The delay will be made up for in the days to come.

As for people who took off from Zaventem, they must also submit a request for their suitcases to be sent to their destination.

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