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Brussels firefighters stoned as they rescue a man who fell from a balcony

A rescue intervention on Avenue Jean Volders in Saint-Gilles of Brussels city went very badly on New Year's Eve. Firefighters and paramedics took care of a person who had fallen from a balcony on the fourth floor of a building.

The spokesperson for the Brussels rescue zone relayed to us the testimony of a firefighter who intervened on the scene. "My buddy and I are the first on the spot. I can't even describe the scene to you, it was so horrible!" Starts by telling this man of the fire, who preferred to remain anonymous.

The firefighters then begin a cardiac massage. Around them, the man on fire explains that he sees the victim's companion, his friends, his neighbors, but also a lot of blood. After a few minutes, an SMUR arrives, then a second ambulance and the police. "After 45 minutes of teamwork, the doctor unfortunately had to face the facts: the person died," said the firefighter.

In the midst of the tragedy, a deluge of projectiles fell on the rescuers. “The doctor has not even been able to announce the death to the family yet that we receive several projectiles, glass bottles and stones, followed by fireworks which explode next to us” with “the victim still on the ground, barely covered with a white sheet a few seconds before".

Faced with these acts of violence, the firefighters and paramedics fled as Belgian media, RTL, reported.

Photo: Unsplash

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