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Bursa Events in Brussels

Bursa, a Turkish city famous with its ancient culture, gastronomy and products is promoting itself as part of a series of events in Brussels.

On September 5-6, as part of the event entitled "Impressions from Cultural Capitals of the Turkic World, Bursa 2022", a series of events are being organized in Brussels.

The events include an exhibition from Bursa and a piano recital by Turan Manafzade. A silk reeling workshop is also being organized for the participants of this event. Participants will also have the chance to taste delicious food of the city.

The event is organized under the auspices of TURKSOY (The International Organization of Turkic Culture) and Bursa Municipality. Bursa'a mayor Alinur Aktas together with Turkish Ambassador to the EU, H.E. Mehmet Kemal Bozay hosted the opening ceremony and participated in the opening events in the EU Permanent Representation of Turkey in Brussels on 5 September 2022.

European Parliament is also hosting a part of the events. The conference highlighted sustainable tourism efforts and green investment opportunities in Bursa.

Polish MEP Richard Henry Czarnecki and Mrs. Ipek Tekdemir also participated and supported the event significantly. Director of European Neighbourhood Council (ENC), Mr. Samuel Doveri Vesterbye were also present at the event as a speaker.

Photo Credit: Samuel Doveri Vesterbye & Alinur Aktas

About Bursa City

Bursa is an ancient city hosted numerous empires such as Bithynia, Rome, Seljuk, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires. There’s a very rich flora within the surrounding mountains, plateaus, caves, lakes, healing water springs, rivers and waterfalls and the city is also known as “Green Bursa”. Bursa, which offers fruitfulness from its bazaars, healing water from its fountains, snow coolness at the top of the mountains and peace on its green plains, is a city that has dazzled important people for years. Bursa is the city that Nobel Prize-winning French author Andre Gide regretted that he couldn’t see it when he was young.

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