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Coup attempt in Russia | "Russia will soon have a new head of state," said Wagner

The effects of the coup attempt, launched by Yevgeni Prigojin, the founder and leader of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, after accusing the Russian army of attacking them, continue. "Our actions will be very harsh; the Russian army has received the necessary orders," Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his first statement on the coup attempt today. From the Wagner group's Telegram account, the message "Putin made the wrong choice; Russia will soon have a new head of state" was shared.

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Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said in a statement on his Telegram channel that security measures have been strengthened in the capital as part of the fight against terrorism.

Rostov Region Governor Vasiliy Golubev stated that necessary measures have been taken to protect security due to the current situation, and said, "I urge citizens not to go to the city center and stay at home."

Lipetsk Region Governor Igor Artamanov emphasized that the measures have been increased in the region and said, "Special attention will be given to critical infrastructure facilities. I also advise the residents of the region not to travel south, especially to the Voronezh region."

In a statement made by the Voronezh administration, it was noted that convoys of military vehicles were moving on the M4 federal highway, therefore it should not be used by civilians.

Prigojin: We shot down a helicopter on the Moscow highway

Wagner's founder, Yevgeny Prigojin, claimed that a helicopter was shot down by Wagner on the Moscow highway.

Prigojin used the following statements:

"Once again, I warn everyone. No one can eliminate us. We have a target. We are all ready to die. Because we die for the homeland and the Russian people. It is necessary to save the Russian people from those who shot civilians. In Rostov, civilians were just fired at by helicopters. One of the pilots did not obey the order to shoot. "

Wagner group besieged the headquarters of the Russian Southern Military District

The Wagner group under Prigojin's command besieged the headquarters of the Russian Southern Military District in Rostov-Na-Don.

In the images shared on social media, it is seen that Wagner fighters are deployed around the Russian Southern Military District Headquarters building with armored vehicles and tanks. Wagner fighters placed heavy weapons on the doors and windows of the Russian Ministry of Defense building. The movement of Wagner group members trying to control critical points in the streets of Rostov-Na-Don is seen.

Prigojin, the Founder of Wagner, who was seen shaking hands with military officials in front of the Russian Southern Military District Headquarters, said: "I say it once again. We want Shoigu and the Chief of Staff here. We will be here until they arrive. We will block Rostov and go to Moscow. ' he said.

Prigojin said in the video he shared on his Telegram channel, "We are in the Headquarters. Military facilities in Rostov, including the military airport, are also under our control. The Headquarters is working."

Claiming that the Chief of the General Staff escaped from the headquarters, Prigojin continued as follows:

"It's okay. Everything is under control. We are trying to have the Air Force attack the Ukrainians, not us. Do not listen to the news that Wagner is creating an obstacle to the army at the front. The situation at the front has not deteriorated because of us. When we came here, we confirmed many things once again. Many lands were lost. "The number of Russian soldiers killed is 3-4 times higher than those reported to the superiors. On some days, up to 1000 soldiers are lost."

First statement from Putin: Our actions will be very harsh; The Russian army received the necessary orders

In a statement made by the Russian Ministry of Defense, "Prigojin and his supporters are doing an armed rebellion. Prigojin is dragging the Wagner fighters into his own criminal adventure."

Russian President Vladimir Putin described Wagner's first statement after the coup attempt as an "armed rebellion". "Our actions will be very harsh; the Russian army has received the necessary orders," Putin said.

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