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Deadly fight at Zaventem station: reinforced police presence for a few days

A 22-year-old man from Etterbeek, Brussels died on Friday, hit by a high-speed train, following a fight between two rival gangs on the station platforms.

On social networks, worrying information was circulating this weekend. They pointed to potential retaliation, Bruzz reports.

BX1 reports taht the fight generates a lot of concern in the town, but also on the side of the students of the Zavo secondary school and their parents. Those involved in the fight did not attend the school, but it is near the train station. Many students come to school by train and may have witnessed the scene.

The management therefore consulted this weekend with the police and the local authorities. It has been decided to reinforce the police presence on the three campuses of the school for the next two to three days. Additional patrols are also deployed in the city center and around the station.

“Our personnel are visibly and invisibly present on the ground,” said Ellen Vanderpoel, spokesperson for the local police in Zaventem. “These include static posts and field patrols. For the moment, everything is calm and there are no incidents to report. We hope it stays that way.” About 20% of Zavo School's first and second year students were absent on Monday, school principal Kurt Gommers said. “This is a significant number. I understand the fear and worry, but if you look around, there is nothing to worry about,” he commented.

One suspect on bracelet, two others released on conditions

As a reminder, on Friday, a fight between two gangs on the platforms of Zaventem station led to the death of a young man hit by a high-speed train. Three people had ended up on the tracks during the clash, only one of the three managing to leave the track as the train approached.

The deceased is a 22-year-old from Etterbeek, while a 16-year-old from Brussels was seriously injured. The third person has not yet been identified.

The three suspects, also from Brussels, appeared before the investigating judge on Sunday. A 19-year-old Anderlechtois was placed under an electronic bracelet by the investigating judge, while the two other suspects, a 22-year-old man living in Berchem-Saint-Agathe and a 20-year-old Etterbeekois, were released on conditions.

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