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Death sentence for 3 students watching South Korean TV series

In North Korea, three high school students were sentenced to death for watching South Korean dramas and distributing them among their friends.

According to the news in the Independent, young people in the Hyesan region, close to the Chinese border, watched many South Korean and US TV series in early October, and then distributed it among other students.

According to the news of Radio Free Asia, which is based on two sources who witnessed the event, 3 young people who were caught were executed by shooting for watching and distributing South Korean films.

In the statement made afterwards, it was stated that 2 young people were executed for watching and distributing South Korean films, and 1 young person was executed for killing his stepmother.

It is illegal to watch, share and sell content directed at South Korea in North Korea. Those who do this face the death penalty.

Photo: Wikipedia - Bjørn Christian Tørrissen