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Demonstration ban in two cities in France where Macron will attend commemoration programs

In France, demonstrations were banned in the capital city of Paris and Lyon due to the visit of President Emmanuel Macron on Victory Day, May 8.

Victory Day celebrations are held on May 8, 1945, which symbolizes the victory of France against Germany and the end of the Second World War in the country.

President Macron, who will attend the commemoration ceremony in the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, will go to Lyon in the afternoon to commemorate Jean Moulin, one of the main actors of the French resistance against the German occupation during the Second World War.

The governorships of Paris and Lyon announced that all demonstrations to be held in these two cities were banned before Macron's visits.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the Champs-Elysé Street, which is filled by the French every year, remains empty due to the ban on gatherings.

Performances have been held since January.

The objection application for the pension reform brought to the judiciary for the annulment of the unions was rejected by the administrative court.

Unions in France have been holding demonstrations since January to cancel the reform that extended the retirement age by 2 years.

Almost every public visit by Macron and government officials in the recent period is protested by the French.

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