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Denmark: Queen Margrethe's decision tears the royal family apart

The crisis worsened within the Danish royal family after the decision of Queen Margrethe II to withdraw the princely titles from the four children of her youngest son Prince Joachim. "We are in shock."

In an interview with the Danish daily B.T., Prince Joachim regretted that he "unfortunately" had no news from his mother, nor from his brother, Crown Prince Frederik, since the decision. "It's also family. Or what we can call that" he said in this interview.

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Joachim's partner, Princess Marie, also describes as "complicated" the relationship they have with the heir couple formed by the future King Frederik and his wife, Princess Mary. "It's complicated, that's it. That's it, "she told the tabloid, in an interview from Paris, where the princely couple live.

According to the palace, the goal of reducing the number of princes and princesses was to give them greater freedom to live their lives as they see fit.

The dispute is the most serious crisis in the royal household since the one triggered by Prince Henrik in 2017. Six months before his death, he caused a scandal by announcing that he did not wish to be buried alongside his partner, expressing his bitterness of never having been able to bear the title of king. The prince consort, born Henri de Monpezat and a former French diplomat, suffered from dementia at the end of his life.

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