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Discover My Tannour in Brussels

Brussels is home for so many international communities and that comes with great cuisine and delicious restaurant options throughout the city.

My Tannour is one of them and so far they do quite good job. You should definitely try their delicious food.

My Tannour's experience is not limited to the innovative products that chef Georges Baghdi Sar offers on his menu. Their cuisine transports you to another continent, through its 100% Syrian recipes and cooking methods.

My Tannour is a 360° experience during which each step is mastered, making its products unique in Belgium, and which can be summed up by these five key words:

Authentic / Affordable / Artisanal / Fast and Unique.

Le Chef Georges Badghi Sar

The Baghdi Sar family is linked to the restoration. Georges spent a lot of time in the kitchen in his own family. Born in Syria, of Armenian origin and of a Lebanese mother, the richness of his origins is the basis of the diversity he will offer in his various establishments. Already in Syria, he helped his grandmother to prepare the meal for the whole family. Once he arrived in Belgium, at the age of 11, he spent his free time in a small restaurant in Brussels where his mother officiated. He works with her on the cuisine of his country and gradually discovers this world of taste which he will make his profession.

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After an internship at the "Comme chez soi" and the "Château de Namur", he worked for a few months as a second in a famous French brasserie in Saint-Tropez. He decided to put his experience, his love for cooking and his thirst for independence to good use by opening his first establishment, a high-end organic sandwich shop.

With his growing success and passion, he then opened his first restaurant: C’Chicounou, well known to Brussels lovers of oriental cuisine. He continues to write his story by opening two Oriento restaurants located in Jourdan and Auderghem, offering a subtle blend of tradition and modernity around a revisited Mediterranean gastronomy. It was then that he had the idea of creating My Tannour, inspired by the desire to build a traditional street food concept in his image.

Le Menu

The menu of the restaurant is composed of variety of choices. Their plates are big and can be combined based on your wishes. Lamb meat, chicken, beef plates can be accompanied with a Greek halloumi or a veggie falafel and even Turkish yoghurt drink ayran is served as a drink option. This great mediterranean mix of delicious food makes them unique and an healthy option both for lunch and dinner.

As their website noted, they currently operates in Ixelles, Saint-Gilles, Wolf and Waterloo soon.

They also have delivery options thanks to their partners.

For more information visit their website.

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