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EC Open Source Workshops - Computing and Sustainability, 2 December 2022

Two European Commission directorates, DG DIGIT and DG CONNECT are joining forces to organise a physical event in Brussels on 2 December 2022 to discuss various open source topics relating to Computing and Sustainability.

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There are 12 workshops in total, with DIGIT’s 6 workshops focussing on open source Sustainability and CNECT’s on Computing. DIGIT’s workshops explore sustainability from a variety of angles, including its role in an interoperable Europe, managing critical software, creating an EU open source business applications catalogue, cooperation and contribution to open source by European Public Services. Workshops will benefit from the viewpoints of panellists recognised as experts in the workshop topic. is helping to organise this event, and a detailed agenda can be seen on this website. The event is open to all open source stakeholders, and registration details will appear on the same website.

The workshops follow the highly successful joint DIGIT/CNECT event Open Source Beyond 2020 held in November 2019.

DIGIT’s Director Thomas Gageik said,

Both DIGIT and CNECT do valuable work on open source and these workshops will allow us to interact with our open source colleagues from both the public and private sectors,” he added, “The last event in 2019 gave us deep insights on open source issues and helped shape some of the work we have done over the last three years.

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