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Energy crisis: Brussels will regulate the indexation of rents

The Brussels Regional Government found an agreement regarding the indexation of rents in the region, which the Parliament has now adopted. It imposes that 100% indexation of rents in the Brussels-Capital Region could be applied to homes with a certificate of Energy Performance and Indoor Climate (EPB) of categories A, B, C and D – the least energy-consuming homes.

For houses with an EPB (PEB) of category E, the indexation can be applied for 50%, while for houses with an EPB (PEB) of F or G (the most energy-hungry houses), no indexation can be applied.

"I have finally obtained an agreement to block the indexation of rents on inefficient energy properties," said Brussels State Secretary for Housing Nawal Ben Hamou on Twitter recently. "Given the urgency of the situation, the text was voted on this Friday 7 October in the Brussels Parliament."

"During this extraordinary situation, everyone has to take responsibility," said State Secretary for Urbanism Mr. Pascal Smet. "We decided that rents for poorly insulated houses can no longer rise so that people do not get double bills. Only together will we get through this crisis."

Brussels homes
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