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Entrance exam for medical studies approved in Wallonia-Brussels Parliament

The Higher Education Commission of the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation approved the decree establishing, from next year, an entrance examination for medical and dental studies.

This exam, which will only allow a predetermined number of laureates to enter the medical faculties, will replace the entrance exam that is in force since 2017, which allowed all candidates to enter whoever succeeded.

This change follows the historic agreement reached at the beginning of the year between the Federal Government and the FWB on the number of Inami numbers intended for French-speaking doctors. In exchange for an increase in this quota taking better account of the needs of doctors in the field, the FWB agreed to set up an entrance examination for these studies, as already practiced by Flanders.

As a result, the number of Inami quotas for new French-speaking doctors will increase from 505 to 744 by 2028.

The future exam, which will be organized in a single session during the second half of each month of August, is strongly inspired by the entrance examination in place until now, which assessed candidates on eight subjects.

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