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EU Commission to suspend Hungary's funds

The European Commission may recommend the suspension of billions of euros from recovery funds in the ongoing rule of law procedure against Hungary.

EU Commissioner for Budget and Administration, Mr. Johannes Hahn proposed in July that around 70% of the EU funding envisaged for Hungary be suspended, citing “systemic irregularities” and “conflicts of interest” with public procurement in Hungary.

The EU administration considers these constitute a "breach of the rule of law principles" in the EU.

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Orbán government in August submitted “remedial measures” to deal with the procedures and has set out plans to establish an anti-corruption authority. Actions are not considered as sufficient by the EU.

The decision could be made as early as Sunday.

Following the Commission’s recommendation, EU governments will have a month to decide, with the option of extending the procedure for a maximum of two months.

Some Members of the EU Parliament think that Hungary can not be seen as a full democracy, respecting the rule of law at the EU standards.