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EU Commissioner Simson in Slovakia to discuss energy situation

Starting from tomorrow, EU Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, will be in Slovakia for a series of meetings with policymakers and stakeholders to discuss the current energy situation and EU policies.

On Thursday, she will meet bilaterally with Prime Minister, Eduard Heger, and Minister of Economy, Karel Hirman, to discuss security of supply and diversification efforts and policies to tackle the impact of high energy prices. In the afternoon, the Commissioner will meet with a group of local energy stakeholders before a joint meeting with the chairmen and vice-chair of the Committee of EU Affairs and Committee on Economy of the Slovak National Council.

On Friday, she will participate in the Globsec Tatra Summit 2022 as a panellist in the “Europe’s Grand Energy Pivot: Squaring the circle?” section, alongside Slovak Minister of Economy, Karel Hirman.

Source: European Commission Press Service

Slovakia scene
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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