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EU prepares for new sanctions against Russia

The European Union (EU) Commission sent the 11th sanctions package proposal against Russia to the member states.

At the daily press conference held in Brussels, EU Commission Chief Spokesperson Eric Mamer made statements about the preparations for the new sanctions package against Russia.

"I confirm that the EU Commission's 11th sanctions package proposal has been sent to the member states." Mamer said that at this stage, the member countries will evaluate the package content.

Pointing out that he could not share the details of the new sanctions package yet, Mamer emphasized that they will focus on the implementation, effectiveness and prevention of the penetration of sanctions in this package.

"The package will look at exports to Russia and how that should be handled." Mamer said that they want to prevent Russia from importing restricted products from other countries.

At this stage, Mamer said that he expects the new sanctions package to be discussed at the Permanent Representatives Committee (COREPER) of the member states in the Council of the European Union on Wednesday.

According to the European press, there are 7 Chinese companies in the EU's new sanctions package proposal, on the grounds that they supply Russia with equipment that can be used for military purposes.

The EU has implemented 10 sanctions packages against Russia so far. In this framework, a wide range of restrictions were applied to Russia on trade, finance, energy including oil and coal, industry, technology, transportation, dual-use and luxury goods, and gold. The assets of over a thousand people and nearly 200 institutions were frozen.

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