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EU supports Romania for energy transition and hydrogen investments

The Commission supports Romania in reaching the goals in the energy transition of economic sectors and facilitate hydrogen investments.

EU - Romania
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The Romanian Ministry of Energy announces the initiation of the development process of the "National Hydrogen Strategy and Action Plan", part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The "National Hydrogen Strategy and Action Plan for Romania" project benefits from technical support from the General Directorate for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) of the European Commission. The project is implemented in collaboration with the consortium of consultants formed by PwC Romania and Horváth, which was selected by DG REFORM following a public procurement procedure.

The strategy will aim to achieve the targets of the energy transition process and decarbonization of the economic sectors, as well as the realization of the legal framework for facilitating investments in hydrogen along the entire value chain.

The Ministry of Energy will subsequently ensure the adoption and entry into force of the changes to the legislative and regulatory framework that lead to the implementation of Reform 4 of Component 6 (milestone #126) of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of Romania and the successful implementation of some key measures within the national hydrogen strategy and action plan.

The changes will need to remove any legislative and administrative obstacles to the development of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen technology so that the entire hydrogen value chain can be developed, including the mandatory use of hydrogen-ready appliances and equipment by end-users.

In order to benefit from all relevant data and information for the development of the national hydrogen strategy and a realistic action plan, the Ministry of Energy has established and coordinates a working group that includes other relevant ministries and authorities and other interested parties (companies, institutions and associations ) whose joint efforts can lead to the achievement of the expected results.

In this sense, the Ministry of Energy calls for the active involvement of all interested parties in the process of developing the hydrogen strategy and action plan.

Source: European Commission

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