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European Union Warns Apple Regarding Charging Cables

For a very long time, Apple has been using its own charging port, which it calls lightning, on iPhone smartphones. Android phones using Micro USB left their place to Android phones using Type-C. In the future, we continued to see Type-C inputs in laptops, headphones and technological devices. Apple, on the other hand, insisted on using the lightning charging port on its iPhones. The European Union, which could not stand Apple's insistence, made Type-C mandatory in technological devices that will be sold in European Union countries after 2024. Subsequently, it was said that the iPhone 15 series will have Type-C input. At this point, the European Union warns Apple today.

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According to reports, Apple will place a chip in the Type-C input of new iPhones. This chip will verify if the cable is genuine. In this context, iPhone users will not be able to use cables other than Apple-branded cables.

To this Apple's plan, European Commissioner Thierry Breton sent a letter to Apple warning that such actions will not be allowed and will prevent iPhones from being sold in the EU once the law goes into effect. By the third quarter of this year, the EU plans to publish guidance to ensure a "uniform interpretation" of legislation. In other words, Apple will not be able to find the gap in the legislation and continue to read what it knows.

Of course, all these rumors are just rumors. However, there is only one known fact, Apple will not want to cut back on its earnings. In this context, we may see another European Union Apple conflict in the future. What do you think about this situation, do not forget to share in the comments.

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