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Failed coup in Germany

A coup plan has been failed in Germany thanks to operations made by the democratic government.

The largest police raid in the country's history against a far-right movement aimed to dismantle a network that was plotting a coup to restore the German Empire to its 1871 borders.

The investigation continues after the operation which made it possible to thwart the plans of a conspiratorial group that wanted to overthrow democratic institutions.

25 people were arrested, including former soldiers and a former member of the Bundestag. According to German authorities, the "Reichsbürger" had been holding secret meetings since November 2021, some with shooting training, and drawing up plans for a coup. The goal was to forcibly abolish the constitutional order and replace it with another form of government.

A strong mobilization of the defense and security forces for a large-scale operation with more than twenty people arrested in Germany as well as in Austria and Italy: all elements that show to what extent the attempt to destabilize of the "Reichsbürger" is taken seriously.

This attempt could make one think that an attack like that of the Capitol in Washington, on January 6, 2021, would be possible in Germany. A similar but abortive attack took place in late August when anti-vaccine protesters tried to enter Parliament.

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