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Flanders Festival Ghent: A true musical journey

Flanders Festival Ghent has been part of the music festival scene for many years. From classical to world music to artistic performances: every year some 1500 international artists outperform themselves in and around Ghent. This year programme will be performed from 10th until 30th September 2022.

Ghent Belgium
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Flanders Festival Ghent is an international music festival hosted in the vibrant cultural city of Ghent, Belgium and the greater region of East Flanders. Ghent Festival focusses on high-quality Classical Music in its purest form, but also stretches the boundaries with a variety of creative formats. For instance, ‘OdeGand’ annually launches the Ghent Festival, which has since its conception grown into a breath-taking and adventurous city festival. For three weeks in September, Ghent Festival attracts more than 50.000 visitors with its daring programme of Classical Music, as well as World Music and Jazz. Young up-and-coming talent and world-famous artists share their passion and virtuosity with melomaniacs, as well as fledgling music explorers. There are no less than 180 concerts on the programme, with more than 1500 (inter)national artists taking part.

2022 programme will include lots of concerts not to be missed. To access the full programme click here.