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Former French President Sarkozy sentenced to prison in corruption case

Sarkozy was sentenced to 2 years suspended and 3 years in prison within the scope of the case.

The court ruled that Sarkozy should serve his prison sentence with an electronic handcuff at home.

Sarkozy will also be banned from his civil rights for 3 years, while he will not be elected within the scope of any election during this period.

Thierry Herzog, Sarkozy's lawyer, and judge Gilbert Azibert, who were tried in the same case, were given the same sentence as Sarkozy.

Herzog was banned from practicing law for 3 years.

A lawsuit was filed against Sarkozy in 2014 on the grounds that he "traded influence and violated the principle of confidentiality of hearings" in order to obtain information regarding another judicial investigation initiated against him. Nicolas Sarkozy was accused in this case of offering Judge Azibert a high post in Monaco to enter the investigative files on the L'Oreal scandal.

Prosecutors had issued a decision to listen to Sarkozy and his lawyer.

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