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France debates banning bullfights

According to public opinion polls, 9 out of 10 French people want bullfighting to be banned.

In France, it is debated whether traditional bullfights, which are criticized for being barbaric, should be banned in arenas.

The bill submitted by Deputy Aymeric Caron to ban the practice will be discussed in the Plenary Session, even though it was rejected by the committee in the National Assembly.

The French community want it to be banned

It is stated that the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is not in favor of being banned immediately because it is a traditional practice, but he wants it to be discussed and decided as a result of consensus.

According to public opinion polls, 9 out of 10 French people want bullfights to be banned.

French MP Caron, in a statement, described traditional bullfights as "barbaric" because of the torture and killing of the animal.

"Bullfighting is not a French tradition"

Reminding that bullfights, known as "Corrida" in French, are technically prohibited in the country, but are exceptionally held in some cities, Caron said, "However, history refutes the tradition argument because bullfighting is not a French tradition." said.

This practice came from Spain in the 19th century, Caron said.

The claim that "tradition represents the link between man and animal and food"

Communist Party presidential candidate Fabien Roussel, on the other hand, defended bullfighting, claiming that this tradition was about the "link between man and animal and food".

Roussel argued that this subject was studied by artists, so it could not be qualified as barbarism.

On the other hand, many organizations advocating animal rights in the country want bullfights to be banned, pointing out that the practice has been transformed into cruelty to animals beyond tradition.

Bullfight in France
Photo: Wix

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