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Free distribution of climbing plants in Uccle

To green the public spaces, the Green Service of Uccle municipality in Brussels region offers one climbing plant per household. The plant must imperatively be installed on a facade along the public space and will be limited to one plant per address.

Steps to follow:

Choose your plant from the 5 varieties below:

Clematis montana;

Woodland honeysuckle;

Garden honeysuckle;

Climbing hydrangea;

Ivy of the woods.

Climbing plant
Photo Credit: Wix

Take a look at the brochure on revegetation in which you will find various advice, recommendations, useful prohibitions concerning climbing plants, available on the page “Let’s revegetate our streets”.

Send the completed application form for the sidewalk development of a planting area for climbing plants (Let's green our streets!) as well as the Let's Green Streets Charter before October 1, 2022.

Come and pick up your plant at Uccle's green service (Avenue Paul Stroobant 41, 1180 Uccle) on December 3, 2022 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Plant your climbing plant along your facade and take care of it.

Offer limited to 50 climbing plants.

More at info at: link

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