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German police seize cooked bats during a search of a minibus at the Belgian border

During a search of a minibus from Belgium, the German police confiscated a cooked bat and a ton of fish that were not stored in the freezer.

According to the statement made by the German authorities, police teams patrolling the highway stopped a suspicious minibus at the exit of the border city of Aachen and searched it.

After the police called a veterinarian from the local consumer protection agency to the scene, it was decided that the cooked bat found in the minibus and the fish kept in the freezer "threatened human health" and the uninsured vehicle and its contents were seized.

A 31-year-old citizen of Ivory Coast, who was driving the minibus, was sued for violation of traffic rules and human health.

The Aachen court ordered that the driver be detained until he is handed over to the authorities in Italy, where he has his official residence.

Photo: Unsplash

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