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Germany to activate its first liquid gas terminals in a few weeks

Scholz said they aim to produce 80 percent of electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the first liquid-gas terminals will be operational in the north of the country in a few weeks.

In his speech at the Bundestag within the scope of the budget negotiations, Scholz stated that the energy stores in Germany are full today with the work in the field of energy. Pointing out that the government has created alternatives to ensure energy security, Scholz said, "In a few weeks, the first liquid gas terminals will be operational in the north of Germany." said.

Recalling that the coal plants will continue to operate and the three nuclear power plants will continue to operate until spring, Scholz noted that they have started the energy reform and will expand their renewable energy sources more.

"All this means that Germany's energy security is guaranteed for this winter." Scholz said that this is possible because of the government's work in this area, as well as the way citizens and companies use energy sparingly.

Scholz emphasized that the government cannot fully subsidize the rising energy prices, but emphasized that they can reduce the prices to an acceptable level.

Stating that they will achieve this by reducing the tax on gas to 7 percent and other measures, Scholz said, "Our country has the power to overcome this crisis and emerge stronger from it." said.

Scholz also shared the information that aid packages will be implemented to reduce the financial burden on the public.

Pointing out that they have passed laws for the dissemination of renewable energy, Scholz said that they aim to produce 80 percent of electricity from renewable energy in 2030.

Stating that they will continue to support Ukraine, Scholz called on Russia to end this war.

Stating that an important message was given to Russia at the G20 Summit held in Bali, hosted by Indonesia, Scholz said that everyone emphasized that the nuclear threat is unacceptable, and that this was also expressed by the Chinese administration.

Recalling that he had previously made various suggestions regarding the future of the European Union (EU), Prime Minister Scholz noted that they have united with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, in the goal of a more effective Europe.

Stating that the problem has been resolved in the project, which is strategically important for the security and sovereignty of France and Spain and Europe, Scholz said, "This year, we will launch the next phase of the European air combat system FCAS." used the phrase.

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