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Germany wants to facilitate the citizenship rules

The waiting period would thus be increased to five years. But the reform will have to face many oppositions, including within the ruling coalition parties.

The Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, recorded in a document including the main lines of the reform of naturalization which plans above all to reduce the duration before obtaining German citizenship.

So far, every foreigner must have resided in Germany for eight years before they can apply for citizenship.

If the reform passes, this period will be reduced to five years, or even three years if the candidate is well integrated, in particular thanks to his good results at school, in his work, or even to a voluntary commitment.

For people aged 67 and over, the formal language test and the German knowledge test should be abolished. Berlin also wants to make it easier to hold dual nationality.

In addition, children born in Germany to foreign parents will become Germans if their father or mother has been legally resident in the Federal Republic for at least five years, instead of eight years previously.

Within the Turkish community, strongly represented in Germany, this reform is welcomed.

The general secretary of the liberal FDP party, Bijan Djir-Sarai, said on Monday (November 28) that now is not the time for a relaxation of the naturalization of foreigners. The latter thus opposes what he considers to be a “devaluation” of German citizenship.

The leader of the conservative opposition CDU party, Friedrich Merz, spoke out against dual nationality and integration into the social system. As for Martin Huber, the general secretary of the CSU, a historic ally of the CDU, he criticized the coalition for damaging trust in politics.

Home Secretary Nancy Faeser said the reform was long overdue and represented "a great chance to strengthen our social cohesion".

On Wednesday, the cabinet will discuss the new naturalization rules. The project must then be presented to Parliament.

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