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Grain exports blocked by Moscow

Ukraine on Sunday denounced that cereal exports had become "impossible" due to the Russian blockade reinstated by Russia after its exit the day before the agreement allowing that transport, after an attack on its fleet in Crimea, which Moscow attributed to Kyiv with the help of London.

According to Moscow, one of the drones used in this attack could have been launched "from one of the civilian ships chartered by Kyiv or its Western masters for the export of agricultural products from the seaports of Ukraine".

Putin and Putin's Russia is weaponising food and energy against the world from the beginning of its aggression in Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, it is in fact at least 176 ships carrying more than two million tons of grain loaded in Ukraine that are blocked by Moscow.

"Russia began to aggravate the global food shortage in September, when it began to block the movements of ships carrying our agricultural products," he said on Saturday evening.

The Joint Coordination Center (JCC) responsible for overseeing this agreement confirmed that no cargo movement had been validated for the day on Sunday.

The UN, guarantor of the agreement, called for it to be preserved, stressing that it had a "positive impact" for access to food for millions of people around the world.

The organisation's secretary general, Antonio Guterres, said he was "deeply concerned" on Sunday.

He is engaged in "intense consultations" so that Russia reconsiders its decision to suspend the agreement and has decided, as a result, to postpone for one day his departure in order to participate in the Arab League summit in Algiers on Tuesday, according to a press release.

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