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Guards in Belgium stopped the admission of prisoners to a prison, saying "prison is full"

In Antwerp (Antwerp), Belgium's second largest city, the guards decided not to accept new prisoners by closing the doors on the grounds that the conditions in the prison were inhumane.

According to Belgian media, following this unprecedented action, the Belgian Ministry of Justice began temporarily transferring prisoners to another prison.

The guards at Antwerp Prison did not open the doors to the newly arrived inmates, saying, "The prison is full," since Monday morning.

According to the guards, the conditions in the prison were inhumane for the detainees. There are currently 719 prisoners in the men's section of 439 people.

The guards stated that more than 100 prisoners were sleeping on mattresses that they had laid on the floor and stated that they would not allow new inmates to come to the prison under these conditions.

Photo: Unsplash