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Hard drugs and sex toys found by Brussels police in the city center

The neighbors called the police for strange cries at their neighbor's house. The Airbnb tenant was transferred to the hospital.

On the night of Sunday January 8 to Monday January 9, a patrol of the Territorial Intervention Brigades (BTI) - brigades responsible for responding to calls received at emergency numbers - was confronted with a rather unusual intervention.

Place Rouppe, the tenants of an Airbnb had reported to the security officers of the building the noise pollution of one of the neighbors. The security guards decided to call the police. As strange cries were indeed echoing in one of the apartments, the inspectors decided to open the door. There they found a naked man hiding under a fitted sheet in the corner of a bedroom. The man was clearly under the influence and was taken care of.

Numerous narcotics were found in the room, including amphetamines, heroin, poppers as well as pills like Kamagra, Lormetazepam and Lermex. A bag containing no less than 9,040 euros and numerous sex toys scattered around the apartment were also found.

The man was transferred to the hospital for control, then released at the request of the magistrate. The investigation is ongoing.

Belgian police
Photo: Unsplash

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